So September comes again :D

There’s so much to do and so little time – college applications, running our respective clubs, schoolwork, internship, volunteer work – that it’s hard to believe that we’re already seniors and that goodbyes are just around the corner, yet if we just stop a moment and BREATHE we’ll realize just that.

So let’s step back a moment and take a peek at the larger picture. Time isn’t infinite you know, not even for us. Someday we’ll wake up and find ourselves fat, stagnant, and middle-aged. Oh the Horror.

Now is the brink. Like The Fool of the Major Arcana, we stand at the edge of either the cliff of great disaster or great discovery. What we make of this last year will be what we remember and what we will be remembered for, not that all those other years don’t count, but this is IT. The last chance. The last chance to make good. To confess to that guy you’ve thought was cute since middle school. To tell that back-stabbing b*tch that you never thought of her as a friend anyways. To really, really get to know your friends (cause, confess it, we really don’t know our friends that well). This is also the First time. There will be many others to come, but this is the First. For the first time, we are the presidents, the SGs, the team captains – we totally own! The school, the clubs, the froshy sophomores – the whole kit and caboodle. For the first time we get a chance to hone those leadership skills that will be so useful when we really do become CEOs and Editors-in-Chiefs and Presidents. So treasure it. And learn from it.

And then, of course, there are the itsy-bitsy details of mundane, day-to-day life. Ever heard of the Common Application? It’s my best friend as of August. There are the endless forms, the essays, the bell-to-bell life of the harassed first semester senior. But there’s a charm in this after all. This is life at its richest, its most exciting, because, well, it’s a little hard to be bored when you have no TIME to be bored.

My classes are all highly satisfactory. I never thought I’d enjoy AP Statistics as much as I do, but I do, despite not being a math and science student. Not having a science course this year is a plus of course – the lack of labs and formulas is a very blatant blessing. Of course there’s AP Euro, it’s always interesting to read about dead monarchs and bloody rebellions as long as the ghosts of said monarchs don’t come back to haunt you. And Mrs. Maier is a darling. AP IPLE of course <3. And my English teacher is a riot.

On the downside, I’m too used to authority. It gets a little harder to hold it all in each year =D especially when I can so clearly see the difference between us and them. Well as in AP/Honors and Dumbos I suppose is the best way of putting it, albeit a little harsh. I’m too used to leading, it just gets harder and harder to tolerate incompetence that I can’t punish, even at home. There’s this team of girls we play against in Ultimate Frisbee for Phys. Ed. and My God do they cheat. Whenever we do something, even according to THEIR rules, it’s cheating, but for them, anything goes. And invoking senior privilege against seniors. What (there is no word strong enough in the English language to distinguish their extreme obtuseness so forgive me for using French) – Quelles Boudins!! I’m afraid I totally lost it with them today by my standards. I let my sarcasm get away with me – they’re just lucky I didn’t attack them. They were just way too annoying – they crossed the line between mere stupidity and sheer idiocy. Normally, I’m very self-controlled, it’s quite impossible for people to tell how upset I am if I don’t tell them. But there is just no excuse for me to continue tolerate their hebitudinosity. And they’re fat. And dress in extremely poor taste. Total failure at life.

But that is my vent for the day =] To regain the couple decades that have just dropped off my life from reliving that, say, 30 minutes or so, I am going to think happy thoughts. Research at Alexander library. Reading about constitutional theory. Danny Ma!! Never really “met” him, but he’s been my role model writer since I read “Daydream” back in 8th grade. Recently I got in touch with him via Facebook and we’ve been discussing this that and the other thing. And of course my saving graces: Yin, Harmony, and Kevin Yu. And stories about Mr. Brodman of course :D

So that’s all for now, my daddy dear is on my case about college apps encore. Au revoir!

P.S. – Two of the offendants look like something along these lines:

Fat Goth