Me? Mmm … Just another girly in this big big wide world. I doodle, but I don’t draw – I write, but I don’t publish – and I dream, but I don’t sleep. Sleep is nice, but hard to get to between AP classes and demanding clubs and community service, so a little snooze in Health class should be entirely forgivable.

A bit of a nerd, I suppose, but not the smart kind that goes to Harvard and Yale. NYU is nice :D

School is meh =.=; but life goes on. In between it all I somehow find time for a healthy diet of korean/jap/taiwanese dramas. And a completely benign obsession over all things Tomoko and Pikachu. That and dark chocolate. In fact, the word “Godiva” is holy in my little wonderland – as in able to call upon hosts of shiny angels bearing every type of chocolate in creation.

Politically savvy enough, I suppose, without really caring. Oh, I can spout enough in an actual debate, but when it actually comes to it, I’m all “ehhh” Politics = not really my thing, fun, but not my thing.

A Christian. Not quite sure what type of Christian I am, though. Christian denominations confuse me – why can’t there just a big umbrella category called “Just a Christian”?

Shopping is nice. Shopping in China is even better. Period.

People who constantly complain annoy me. But, for some reason, like Nick Carraway, I tend to encourage confidences of such a nature, which consequently, has made me “the victim of not a few veteran bores” (Fitzgerald). There’s this one girl in my school who’s always whining about how her parents won’t let her take art classes and how she’s really Van Gogh reincarnated and that they’re stifling her genius blah blah blah. Sure, her parents sound pretty fascist, but then, please, counseling is $100 an hour. Pay up, and then we’ll talk.

But people apart, not much can annoy me. Yellow sunshine filtering through a ringing blue sky is loverly, but raging rain is, sometimes, better. There’s a depressing, incredibly virile, gothic quality to it which is, to put it in a nutshell, quite thrilling.

Blue, after all, is the color “of infinite hope”