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Updates on the SzeChuan earthquake greeting card sales will be forthcoming shortly.

But, all the same, life goes on.

AP exams are officially over (YEESSSSS!!!!) so my life is looking pretty rosy as of the moment. Great American Debates in History and Satire in English. What more need I say?

For the debates, I am/was representing Millard Fillmore, our forgotten 13th President. In my opinion, I did a pretty good showing against Truman, but Fillmore definitely didn’t do much to help his own reputation (though I must admit, he didn’t do much to hurt it either, Fillmore was as clean as Nixon was dirty). But, it must be remembered that we have Fillmore to thank for sushi, manga, Toyotas, and pineapples – he sent Perry to scare the living daylights out of the Japanese and warned the French to keep their croissant-eating hands off Hawaii.

On the topic of Presidents, I am officially endorsing McCain. After being a Democrat for 17 years, I have immigrated to the Republican camp. All I can say is(, unseriously), I am very disgusted with Democratic presidents and their marital/sexual relations with(out) Monica Lewinsky & co.

President Grover Cleveland: not only had relations with a woman who slept with both him and his mentor, fathering a child, but also married a girl he was acting as a surrogate father to

President Woodrow Wilson: even though the US was on the brink of entering World War I, he still contemplated suicide after his first wife died. He then went on to use state secrets to seduce his second wife who was, I regret to say, a bookstore clerk or something like that. She was even taught the secret codes used by the Allies and allowed to translate the coded messages.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt: he not only was once about to divorce Eleanor Roosevelt (who was his cousin, by the way) for a mistress named Lucy, he also resumed relations with Lucy when he was President and, instead of Eleanor, Lucy was the one by his side when he died

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy: ask Marilyn Monroe

President William Jefferson Clinton: need I say more??

“The Presidents” by the History Channel is a wonderful venue for the lowdown on all our nation’s leaders =]


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