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May 12, 2008.

Most of the world was stunned. Many cried or scrambled to contact loved ones. Some laughed and said China had it coming (and I hope those people are able to do the same when its their turn. Otherwise, just shut up, nobody wants to hear what you have to say.) But all the same, over ten thousand people – parents, children, husbands&wives, friends, enemies, debtors, employers – lay dead. A whole province was flattened. If you’re still able to claim divine judgement now, there’s something seriously wrong with your moral compass.

Out of the many touching stories, I have selected this one.

An elderly man lay buried underneath the rubble for about 22 hours. When rescued, he used the last of his energy to write some words in blood on his forearm. Pointing to his arm when his daughter rushed to her dying father, he told her, “This is my last will and testament,” and then passed away. On his arm, using the blood that wouldn’t stop flowing from his wounds, he had written, “I owe Mr. Wang $500.”

These are honourable, upright people who deserve our sympathy and help.

To add animal tragedy to human deaths, Sze Chuan province, the most shaken area, is the home of the Giant Panda, an endangered species that is native to only China. The homes of these gentle giants have been decimated as well as those of their human counterparts, leaving many pandas traumatized and in desperate need of therapy.

My friends and I are currently in the process of organizing a fundraiser for the benefit of those (animal and human alike) who are affected by the earthquake. Harmony & Sharon, both excellent artists, will be designing a greeting card. These cards, once the design is completed, will be available for sale online. Please, help these people who have lost their homes, their families, and maybe even their limbs. I will have further details posted in about a week.


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