This does change every two days, so keep yourself updated. It is, after all, the MAD tea party and, of course, the menu fluctuates of its own accord :D The Dormouse’s stories do get boring every now and then.

Today’s menu:

AppetizerLovely Olivia Lufkin outdoes herself in her album Olivia inspi’Reira with such whimsical dishes as “WISH,” “Recorded Butterflies,” & my personal favorite “Winter Sleep.” Out of all the “chefs musicales” in this world, I believe that only Olivia has truly captured the half cosmopolitan, half poetic feel of Ai Yazawa’s masterpieces

SaladMunch on an episode of “Galileo,” a J-drama which combines the logical efficiency of physics with the supernatural thrill of a mystery novel. The episodes come in bite-sized pieces, just long enough to keep your appetite whetted without the taste being overbearing

MainCourseIt’s summertime and our thoughts naturally drift towards the sea. Remember playing pirate by the seashore? Relive those days by digging into “One Piece,” a quirky, playful dish about the quest of Monkey D. Luffy, a pirate who can’t swim, and his motley crew to find the greatest pirate treasure of all time, One Piece, and their adventures on the Grand Line. The colorful cast of characters and creative plot will have you wondering why you ever settled for just boring lobster.

BeverageAt the risk of sounding old-fashioned, I recommend “Brown Sugar Macchiato,” a Taiwanese Drama which has just the right type of light, boisterous humor for summer. You can order one cup, or two, or drink a whole jug-ful and be just as amused by the adolescent antics of 6 suddenly thrown together brothers with a fortune to inherit and 9 cute girls to woo

DessertAnyone a fan of maple syrup? This is probably about the most inane recommendation I’ve ever made, but I make it in a serious spirit. For those that have a lot of time to kill this summer, give MapleStory a taste. It’s addicting, just try not to get diabetes.